DC Snow Program Cancelled?

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  1. Joka17Wild


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    DC Snow Program Cancelled?   

     yeah usually the stuff in tj maxx around me is burton and ag. i've seen one pair of holdens that i regret not buying last year.

  2. Paulg


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    The Blame Department


    DC Snow Program Cancelled?   

     Places like TJ Max and Ross aren't retailers in the traditional sense though. They buy stuff in bulk from other retailers. The stuff you find there is usually at least a season out, possibly even a second. Definitely a score when you can find something you like but these stores don't "carry" a line like Porters or other traditional retailers do  

  3. illocon


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    DC Snow Program Cancelled?   

    Aye, TK Maxx is perfect for picking up baselayers and plain keks and jackets and even a few tasty midlayers. Have to be quick though as word gets around that a shop has loads in stock and it gets descended on by people who wouldn't normally go in one (including me).

  4. Tricky


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    DC Snow Program Cancelled?   

     My fault. I thought I saw chas wearing some DC gear. Anyways, again I've never riden a DC board but like their outerwear. If they remodel DC Snow it could be interesting.

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