need help with torrent (?) download?

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  1. Spenser


    Loungin Since Aug '09
    Juneau, AK


    need help with torrent (?) download?   

    i have ulead video studio on my previous computer, but not this one. i think it came with my camera so ill check for the disk when i get home, but right now, i was hoping to get some help for potentially downloading it from a torrent or whatever. basically the full program for free.. normally its about $100 or so.

    ive never used torrents or anything before so i dont know what im doing. if someone could find a download for it that would be rad, or however it works..

  2. gerry.


    Loungin Since Oct '09
    parking lots.


    need help with torrent (?) download?   

    download the program "vuze" it searches all torrent sites & downloads the file for you.

  3. Eddiecubed


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    Long Island


    need help with torrent (?) download?   

    Torrents are madd easy. You just need to know the websites. But there a little harder for when you trying to get programs. Because you need more than just the program normally, You need the cd key and other shit. Idk how to get these things but i know its not just dl and your good.

  4. Cecka


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    Sunshine Village


    need help with torrent (?) download?

    This work ?

  5. mr mouse

    mr mouse

    Loungin Since Apr '10


    need help with torrent (?) download?   

     i use downloader called "utorrent", searching for files is quite easy, use one gerry mentioned or just type in google desired program, music artist, movie name + word torrent, in this case: "ulead video studio torrent"

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