Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.

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  1. Eli9422


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

    alkasquawlik said:

    nj2481 said: No one in the various "crews" I've ridden with laughs when people fall or make a mistake, unless everyone is just goofing around and trying to get a laugh. We laugh at strangers, but that's a whole different issue.

    My friends and I laugh at each other when someone fucks up on a park feature and eats shit, unless they're seriously hurt. Then we stop.


    Haha same. Except when I was riding through some trees once I tried to jump over this tiny stump but the snow was heavy as fxck so I never left the ground and essentially just did a "dry jump" then I lost my balance and fell right onto the stump, the shit hit me straight in the ribs. My friend couldn't stop laughing while I was writhing in pain and simultaniously covering myself with pine needles, snow, and tree bark haha. My ultimate gaper park experience was when I tried to boardslide a log jib, I was about to come off the jib but I caught my heel edge at the very top and fell a solid 5 feet straight onto my face hahahaha.

  2. dontsleep


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

    suchick13 said: Meh - the teasing is sometimes just my own personal hot button nima. I didn't have brothers / siblings growing up so I am late to the human behavioural party on that one.
    hey dontsleep - have you ever told the guys you ride with how you feel ? Have you ever said "Hey, when you do such-and-such, it makes me feel like you're doing a 'keep up or shut up' thing with me. It kinda bums me out, pressures me and takes away from the fun. " You don't know what you don't know. Maybe the guys don't know how you feel / don't realize what they're doing / would be really surprised to hear how you feel / and they'd try and change.
    ....or else not, and they'd tell you "WTF ?!?! just keep up or shut up !!" In which case, I recommend spanking them down the hill. Metaphorically.
    And literally.    
    Actions speak louder then words



    I may be reading this wrong, but It seems like you think Im a girl. I am a dude with an awesome chick who has a bit of a confidence problem when she rides with my friends and I. She's actually a really good rider, but she shuts her own game down sometimes.

    reign is funny. Thanks for the correction.

  3. suchick13


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

    oh wow - sorry. I totally see how I mis-read pretty much everything you said. Including the "being excited when your boys show up".
    Thanks for clearing that up.


  4. Ajuki


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

     You might not've mis-read that last part about the boys *g*

  5. hana24


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

    I ride with all guys because I haven't found any girl shredders yet. Usually the guys are faster than me which is good because it pushes me to be more confident with speed and keep up with them. If I didn't ride with them, I wouldn't be as fast as I am now which is still pretty slow.

    The guys I ride with are all so nice because they wait for me at the bottom of the lift...they know I know my way around so I can make it down. I try to get there within 5minutes of the fastest one reaching the bottom or try to keep them in my sights. If I feel like I'm slowing them down I tell them to go by themselves while I lap a chair and have them come find me when they're done riding as hard and fast as they want. During this time I can work on my park skills and work on switch without slowing anyone down and lets me meet new people on the lift.

    But I can see where the OP's gf is coming from...sometimes I do get in the mentality of I need to keep up so I don't slow these guys down and go faster than I'm comfortable with, but I guess it's all a part of progression.

  6. Boy


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

    The girl will for the most part does not ride with other girls. Mostly because most girls cannot keep up and do not ride at the level she wants to ride at. This is me saying this and not necessarily her. When she learned to ride it was with a group of incredible guy riders who had the attitude of, "If you want to ride with us, you have to keep up. We will not wait for you." Might sound dick to some but it turned her into someone who now pushes as hard as the guys and prefers to ride with the guys so she can improve her riding.
    As an example: When I once asked the girl what she thought about girls getting paid the same at competitions as the men she only said, "If they want to get paid at the same level as the men then they either need to compete with the men or start throwing tricks on the same level. I don't think it's right for a guy to throw a rodeo 9 and a girl to throw a crappy 5 and get paid the same."

  7. akinz_suz


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

     hmmm.. I think maybe there's some confidence issues, but really this is how I feel about it:

    If you're riding with people that are better than you, you are more likely to get intimidated, whether they are girls or boys -- some people that are better try to get you stoked and try new stuff, but I don't feel like this is specific to girls or guys in my opinion

    If you're riding with people at your level, you are more likely to push each other and prob have more fun

    If you're riding with people that are worse than you/still learning, you're going to get annoyed with the waiting thing, whether it's a pow day or a park day (unless you have a ton of patience-- which I unfortunately don't)

    don't think it's really about a guy or girl thing, it's a riding ability thing

  8. Alkasquawlik


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    Fun, Confidence, Pressure and boys.   

    akinz_suz said: don't think it's really about a guy or girl thing, it's a riding ability thing


    i don't care if you're a boy or a girl, as long as you can keep up fairly well and your attitude doesn't suck ass.

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