the bobby thread just got deleted??

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  1. feldm4n


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    the bobby thread just got deleted??   

     Chappy is the fucken man. Just the simple fact he brought the spiritual thought into that video is awesome. THAT is why I snowboard. I am surrounded by a lot of people who don't ever even get a taste of that other side if you will. They just want to strap up and look cool etc. I love those moments where life just makes sense, and you look around in a blizzard or on a bluebird day and you realize at that moment everything makes sense. Life makes complete sense at that moment as you stand still or are sliding. I know one day I will be out of the concrete jungle again and back with mother nature. I feel that in every bone of my body.

    Thanks for posting what you did Chappy. Your a good man.  

  2. TahoeChappy


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    the bobby thread just got deleted??   

    I already replied to your equally awesome PM, but thought I'd publically say here as well:

    You're sincerely welcome...and thank YOU for changing your avatar a couple of weeks ago.....

    Strangely I'm able to be continually amused at your guy tugging on his bell :)

  3. Serraph


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    the bobby thread just got deleted??   

    I've watched that vid a couple times now and every time the top 'related video' is one of my favorite songs ever. And almost appropriate for EL.

    Thats all. Back on topic now.

  4. Buffalo Swatter 27

    Buffalo Swatter 27

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    the bobby thread just got deleted??   

    buffalo-swatter-27 said:

    goggles said: how did my $54 get involved in this debate?
    i just want my money back.
    i miss it, that's all.
    thank you cezar for making me sad :(
    who's bobby?

    Bobby? I googled him:


    I keep thinking this thread needs to die with this pic being it's last breath.

  5. drjcv


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    the bobby thread just got deleted??   


  6. TahoeChappy


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    the bobby thread just got deleted??   

    Well I'll be damned if I don't have the power to make that happen.

    And this, I believe, is the Lounge's first officially closed thread topic....  

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