Union Heelcups Slippage: Stage Two Base

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  1. thefullnelson


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    Union Heelcups Slippage: Stage Two Base   

    I don't know if this has been addressed in a post before, i did look but i couldn't find anything....

    I've got some stage 2 base-plates and the heel-cup keeps slipping from 0 all the way out to 2...ive tightened both screws as tight as i can get them but it still slips. i have some stage 3 plates on my super-pros from last year that never slip nor do my contact ultra-fears from 2011 my roommate has some 2012 forces and they do the exact same thing....has anybody else had this same issue and been able to solve it?

    strangely enough i have a pair of custom house purple rain force sls and haven't encountered this problem although i must note that i haven't ridden them a ton so they may have the same issue i just haven't encountered it yet.

  2. vaya


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    Union Heelcups Slippage: Stage Two Base   

     Take you've already tried tightening the inside set of screws?

    Mine are now welded in position

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